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Municipal Standing Committee, united Front Work Department Minister Gao Liang to

Release date:2019-10-18 21:59:00 Page View:4550

In order to further understand the city's "pro" "Qing" relations between government and business and the development of private enterprises, on October 18, the Standing committee of the Municipal Party Committee, the United Front Work Department of the Municipal Party Committee Gao Liang came to Yingkou Longsheng Industrial Co., LTD. Field research. The united Front Work Department of the Municipal Party Committee is responsible for the daily work of the vice Minister Wu Ming to participate in the survey.

Ren Shengkai, chairman of Yingkou Longsheng Industrial Co., Ltd. first introduced the development history of the enterprise to Gao Liang and his colleagues. Enterprises in 2013, he said, the beginning of self-made small micro enterprise, to now become earning more than 40 million yuan more than the size of the enterprise, these 6 years in addition to their own efforts, more important is the concern and support from the party committees and governments at all levels, especially the united front departments at all levels to give a lot of care and help, in recent years, yingkou business environment is getting better and better, make enterprise is becoming more and more confident.

After understanding the situation of the enterprise, Gaoliang made an in-depth understanding of the enterprise benefit, product quality, product market, especially the non-public party construction and the establishment of "pro-qing" and "qing" political and business relations. She pointed out that at present, private enterprises, especially the real economy, are facing many new difficulties and challenges. They should strengthen their confidence, concentrate on their main businesses and strengthen their industries, and make their enterprises bigger and stronger with the spirit of "sticking to the castle peak and never letting go", so as to make positive contributions to promoting the all-round revitalization and development of Yingkou. Gao Liang stressed that the current Yingkou "pro-business and pro-business" concept has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the city party committees and governments at all levels will certainly create a better business environment for private enterprises, support the healthy development of private enterprises.

Subsequently, Gao Liang and his party also came to the production workshop to understand the specific production situation of the enterprise.